On a Mission


Dominican Republic/Haiti

In June of 2014, my husband and I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to serve orphans displaced by the earthquake on Haitian soil in 2010.  You can read about the event here.

While there we will be hosted by a Christian missionary group in Jimanai, DR called Cadasha Foundation.  On campus, they have an orphanage and a hospital.  In the upper room of the hospital, our team will be staying in dorm style rooms.  In the ground level of the structure, there could be doctors appointments going on at the clinic there, or even heart surgery by one of the Baby Heart teams that perform surgeries in the operating rooms there.

If you’d like to read about some of my and my husband’s journey so far, feel free to click through the links below.  I pray that God prepares me in advance for the work I will be doing there.  I pray that I am in a position to travel to new mission fields in the future as well.  To be in God’s will is to be in the best place possible.  I want to join him so badly in what he is doing domestically and around the world.  I cannot wait to be used by Him!

My husband answered God’s call to missions

How do we get there?


Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Rajesthan, India

In the last couple of months, it has become very clear that God is moving concerning an orphanage being built in Rajesthan, India. My husband and I are seeking the door about what our involvement in that will be. First off, we have decided to start planning to be a part of a vision trip taking place in December of 2014. If you feel so lead, please donate to our mission fund. We have our first deadline of $500 per person due on June 1, 2014 to secure our flights. This is a little overwhelming due to the short amount of time we have to come up with this money. I know if it’s God’s Will for us to be there, nothing will stand in our way. Please ask God if he would have you contribute to that mission fund by way of sending support through the mail or donating via our GoFundMe account.

Even if you don’t feel called to missions you can still be a part of how God is working in the world by helping those who do feel the call to go! Thanks for your continued prayers, fasting and financial support is concerned!


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