I have had many people at craft shows, Bunco! nights and trunk shows ask if I had pictures of my paper beads online.  I struggled to figure out how to present my work online without having to supply specific blog post links.  Then I remembered God gave me a brain and that wordpress gave bloggers “Pages” which appear at the top of one’s blog.  *lightbulb moment*  Why not make a Jewelry page so everyone can click and see!

So here’s my answer to so many requests.  Unfortunately, I am not feeling well this weekend so it could be a week or so before I have images up for you to see.  NOTE:  Keep in mind that paper bead jewelry is a unique art.  No two pieces are alike.  If there is something you see here that you just really fell in love with, message me on facebook or comment here and I will see if it is still in my inventory.  If it is sold I can do my best to recreate it but I am not sure if that will be possible.  Thanks for understanding!




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