Home Education

It has been my heart’s desire to educate my children at home.  When my oldest was starting 2nd grade, I was given the chance to get my feet wet but I followed my husband’s leading as he felt they should return to public school (PS) due to my plate being too full.  At the time, I was pregnant with our third baby, I was running my in-home childcare and trying to homeschool (HS) for the first time ever in my life.  I didn’t even have co-op to fall back on for support (though I did have some amazing friends to go to for help.  *waves to Tina and Julie enthusiastically*

At the semester break, we transfered our oldest back to PS and my heart broke open wider than the grand canyon.  I have prayed since that day that God would give me a second chance to raise my children, 100%.

Last summer, my husband and I couldn’t come to a 100% decision on the matter so the kids went back to PS.  That was ok because for the time being, our second son was getting speech therapy in the PS system and my husband wanted to give our oldest a chance to have some sort of constant for a while.  He had changed schools 4 times before he was done with 2nd grade.  Poor fella.  Feel free to read my blog post from last summer (2012) if you have time.

This year (2013) my husband and I have brought HS back to the table as an option.  With the Lord’s help, we will be able to find the financial means to be able to purchase our curriculum and pay for registration on time.  I have several friends who have made the same decision this year (6 to be exact) so I will have no shortage of people to glean support from.  We will not be utilizing a co-op right away this time, either.  In God’s timing.

Feel free to bounce ideas off of each other here.  Be kind and respectful, please.



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