Upcoming Races:

Women’s Half Marathon  September 28, 2013
If you’d like to join our team of over 20 women, click the link above and join Sole Sisters.  If it asks for a password, register as an individual and then tell me your email address and we can manually add you to the team.

Middle Half Marathon October 12, 2013
This one sold out in 11 minutes this year.  3,000 participants and a flat course creates competition from sign up through the finish line.  I’m looking for a PR at this race.  My dad and stepmom are flying in from Kansas to watch me run this one.  I am very excited!  Not to mention I turn 31 the day before!


I am a running addict!  I love it.  I love the way it feels when I accomplish a long run or break my last PR (personal record).  I love the way my legs burn so good the day after a challenging course.  I love the way a new pair of shoes and/or socks feels on my feet.  I love that the year I turned 30, when some are slowing down, I ran my first half marathon in Nashville, TN at the Rock N Roll Series race.  I love how my kids cheer me on and look up to me when I get back from a run.  I love how my oldest is developing his running talent and how we both enjoy the rush we get after a run.

I hope this page can be a place where you can share your experiences and offer advice.  Feel free to support each other and encourage new and seasoned runners alike.  Share in each other’s accomplishments.  Ask for prayer for your training runs and races.

Most of all, keep taking the next step.  No matter how slow you run the course, you’re always going to be going faster than the person sitting on the couch (like I am as I’m typing this!).


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