On a Mission: Atlanta International Airport

This is going to be short and sweet so that I save battery power.


We left Manchester today, got stuck in traffic around Chattanooga and sometime in there a crown popped off of one of my molars.  Yea! Then we stopped for Chic-fil-a for lunch.  That wasn’t the easiest thing to eat without a molar…considering the post that was left was sensitive to say the least.  We hit up a Walgreens to get some Fixadent to see if that would help.  It didn’t.

We got to the airport with a 2 hour delay and found out we would then miss our connecting flight all together.  No worries, we get to spend nearly 8 free hours in London.  God willing, I may be able to find a dentist to get at least a temporary crown put on my tooth, or get my old one put back on.

Happy birthday to my friend on the trip who’s birthday is today, another one on the team who has a brtihday tomorrow and then a third still on the trip who’s birthday is the day after!  Woop!  Party in London…Kim Kardashian style!  Invite all your friends and party in another county!  EEEEee-owwww!

I am confident, even with all of the mix up in scheduling that God has us exactly where he wants us.  I am looking very forward to the unplanned (by us) appointments and agendas.

Thanks for continued prayer.  I need to finish drinking my Starbucks and eating my muffin.  BTW:  Thanks, Nancy, for the friend rice!



2 thoughts on “On a Mission: Atlanta International Airport

    • I am about to start blogging about the trip now. Internet was less than reliable while we were there and I was nearly too busy to be able to blog. There is so much to say but I am struggling to be able to put things into words. Stay tuned.

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