God’s Little Pumpkins Need Our Help!

Last week, a group of the India vision team put our heads together to figure out how we were going to get the items the boys at Shiloh Children’s Home and our friends serving full time needed before we got on the plane.  There were several people who asked us if there were things we needed for the trip.  The most logical way to connect those wanting to help with the needs was make a pumpkin patch, of course!  It will function much like an Angel Tree that is setup at Christmastime.

IMG_20141014_162640_951[1]IMG_20141014_162621_311[1]On this board, we put one pumpkin to represent each boy at Shiloh with his clothing sizes.  We are asking people at church to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and shop for the orphan listed there.  All clothing gifts are requested to be turned in by November 30th.  The vines on the big pumpkins will have pictures of each boy at Shiloh to give it a personal touch. When I get updated pictures, I will post them.

One of our teammates is a teacher in one of the local public schools and is in charge of BETA Club.  She presented this project to them as a service project and they accepted the challenge!  She thought she might get 15 pumpkins claimed but because she had the potential to get rid of more, I made duplicate pumpkins to the ones on the board at church for a total of 40.  Boy were we wrong!  Between the club and other 6th grade students, 42 pumpkins were claimed!  Wow WOW wow!  I am anxious to hear how it goes in the next coming days as the 7th and 8th graders have been invited to participate.  I have supplied her with a total of 80 pumpkins.  Should all 80 pumpkins find homes, each child will be getting a shirt, pants, shoes, underwear and socks.  Isn’t that amazing?

Another teammate is a teacher at a local elementary school and wanted to get involved, too!  I supplied her with 43 pumpkins with needs which our friends living in India requested.  Kool-Aid, taco bell seasoning packets, Hidden Valley Ranch Mix Packets and such.  I kept a few to try to get covered and to give to yet another teammate.

If you are interested in purchasing items for the full time servants in India, please comment below!

If you are interested in purchasing items for the full time servants in India, please comment below!

I have made over 160 pumpkins.  With God’s help, we will have all kinds of goodies to deliver in December!  I can’t wait to tell you about the activities on Sunday regarding the pumpkins at 50 Cent Auctions.



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