How to Get Answers to Your Prayers

Susan is on the left, myself in the middle and my friend Liz is on the right.

Susan is on the left, myself in the middle and my friend Liz is on the right.

Andy and Susan Lepper were in town this weekend!  The last time we saw them was clear back in April when they came to speak to our church about their children’s home in Alwar, Rajasthan in the country of India.  The day after they left, we agreed to go on the vision trip to India to seek a location and pray for God’s direction regarding full time service there. We will be spending a few days with their boys when we travel in December!  It was SOooo good to see them again!  We spoke of their expectations of us while we are there, what we have seen God do in our lives and prayed for each other.

Truth be told, I was SO looking forward to their visit.  I had been for a while, but I had a vendor event on Saturday that I was stressing about.  I didn’t have the inventory that I would have liked to have had.  My organza gift bags weren’t sewn.  I had to pack up my supplies.  I was possibly short a helper for my table without a replacement in sight.  My youngest son had cough that was marginally helped by Claritin but was still nasty nasty. I was super stressed out between those things and small quarrels amongst my family.   I seriously considered staying at home and working all things out and, to be honest, wallow in my self-pity of things not going the way I thought they should.  I would have missed out on hugs, conversation and best of all hearing my three-year-old pray and be used by God!

Susan had expressed her desire to be a biological mother.  She and Andy have forty boys in India whom they provide for daily and whom they love very much (Check them  out at ).  Her heart’s desire, however, is to carry a child of her own.  I shared with her Matthew 18:10:

“Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”

I have seen three times where I have had my children pray for people to be with child and God answered their prayers.  Let me be clear, it is God’s will that we fill the Earth.  When we, especially kids, pray in faith, according to His will, we will see mountains move!  I experienced this first hand.  Jackson wanted another sibling and set to praying.  God changed my entire body, He changed my cycle even.  The day I got pregnant should have been a safe day where natural family planning is concerned.  Ha, well, on July 4th of 2010 I got the unexpected pink + sign on a home pregnancy test.  Jackson was THRILLED, I was confused, Josh was panicking to say the least.  I can imagine God was filled with joy seeing Jackson praising him with excitement.  “God answered my prayers!  He actually listened!”  It built both of our faith for sure.

Then there is Gage’s preschool teacher. We prayed for her every night as a part of his bedtime routine.  When we returned to school after summer break, she was pregnant!

A couple in our church had been trying for years and were told they would never have their own by doctors.  Their son is around the 6 month mark I believe.

Back to Susan.  She was telling me how she believed that Matthew 18:10 was true because her Papa at her orphanage when she was growing up used to tell her that all the time. I asked her if Peyton could pray with her and she agreed.  Here’s how it went:

ME: Peyton, Mrs. Susan really wants God to put a baby in her tummy.  Would you pray and ask God to put a baby in her tummy?

Peyton:  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. (If you know Peyton on a personal level, you know how that sounded) *Climbs up in my lap next to Susan*

ME: Ok, let’s pray. *Folded hands, head bowed*

Peyton: Dear God, please put two babies in Mrs. Susan’s tummy.  Thank you.  Amen.  (I am laughing at this point…where does he come up with these things?)

Susan: Why are you laughing?

ME: Did you hear what he said?

Susan: NO, What did he say?

I repeated what he prayed to her.

Susan: *Stunned face*  THAT’s what I have been praying for!!

I am speechless at this point.  She didn’t say anything remotely close to twins in our conversation.  She even told me the names she has picked out.  There was no way Peyton overheard anything in our conversation.  He just prayed what he felt.  I am so convinced that God will provide in this way for the Leppers.

I am so thankful that I got off of my rear and went to visit with friends.   I am so excited to meet them again on their home field.  I am excited to see the work that God accomplishes through these friendships.  Not to mention the faith built by holding each other up in prayer and seeing things come to fruition.


PS: I can’t wait to see the kurtis you pick out Susan!  And I promise not to attempt to pronounce that word without your language coaching.  No need for profanity here.


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