4 Weeks in, We’re Making a Change

I have been working all day to get two videos posted.  It is now 8:14pm and the first one posted about a half hour ago.  My goodness!  I need: a) a better connection.  b) updated camera.  or c) BOTH.  Well need is really not the word.  I should have said what would make this task easier and then have given the choices.  Either way you get what I mean.

So, what were the videos about?  Thanks for asking.  The first one was about school that we have started with Peyton.  It’s very low key but super fun for he and the little boy his age that I keep during the day. 

Last week I made tracing sheets by printing out their names and covering them with contact paper.  When used with Expo markers they can be used over and over again.  This is good for them to see their own name in print frequently as well as gives them the chance to trace the letters.  Fine motor skills is covered here, too!   We worked with an Expo sheet with an A on it also.  First I had them color IN the A, then OUTSIDE of the A, then UNDER the A, etc.  Great listening skills test and more chances to see the letter A.  We colored with red markers that week. 

This week we used blue markers, crayons and colored pencils. Letter B was our focus along with family.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to the family tree activity but we did color in a B with blue and then used glue sticks to glue pictures from a magazine that we looked through together to find things with the B sound.  They had a GREAT time doing that!  See the video below to see Peyton’s B Collage Video.

As for the big boys.  We started this year using Prairie Primer, a literature unit study on the Little House series.  We are now 4 weeks in to our studies and we have all really enjoyed our time in the book.  Each day we read a chapter from one of the Little House books (they are read in sequence) and answer review questions on what we read.  Based on what was in the chapter, we would study those topics further.  For example, we studied gun safety and the history of firearms because Pa was cleaning his gun and had hunted in one of the first chapters.  Our science, history, home living and creative writing all were based off of that.  The next day, we’d read another chapter and we’d have new topics to study.  It really was fun.  We got to cook and explore things we wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.  However I didn’t feel like it went in depth enough, there wasn’t much of a chance for the boys to get solid knowledge over a period of time.  Every day we learned something new which was great but that was also a “con” in my book. 

Where do we go from here?  Josh and I decided that we would keep with a unit study curriculum but we’d use one that was based on a different book.  The Bible!  Weaver is the name of it and from my point of view it’s pretty awesome!  Each chapter of each unit is a portion of scripture.  We will then study our core subjects off of that story.  For example, our first chapter deals with the city of Babylon when the tower was built.  When Noah stepped off of the arc, God gave them one main command.  They were told to be fruitful and multiply and fill the land.  The problem came when they  decided to build a town with walls and stick together as a people instead of filling the earth.  Our social studies for that chapter deals with the formation of a city: streets, government, zoning, etc.  Our science will be on geology because they build walls of stone, gems and bricks made by hand.  Our literature, creative writing and such will all be related in some way, too.  I am really excited to get started on this adventure Monday.  Weaver has been around since the 80’s.  It is tried and true.  I pray we are making a decision for the better.  I pray this is the consistency and structure we are looking for. 

Anyway the second video I was loading was talking about this change and has the boys giving an oral report of their Louis Pasteur research paper.  They did so good, I think.  I am very proud of them, considering they had 5 days to research, write a rough draft, edit it and make a final copy.

The rest of the week we spent wrapping up loose ends from Prairie Primer so I could get the last grades from that in the grade book.  We will be completely done with that curriculum and will be able to devote full attention to Weaver.  They finished up a comparison study on bees vs yellow jackets and a nutrition study on the food pyramid.  They compared meals we ate with the recommended daily values and decided we basically eat the worst diet known to man.  We’ll work on that.

THANKS for reading.  I miss you all who are far from us.  Stay up to date with school and India by subscribing!


PS: Would you rather read a blog or watch a vlog (video blog)?

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