Couldn’t be On a Mission without God

Today is Tuesday, August 5th.  I am sitting in my living room thinking over the last few days as my head feels like a balloon stretched to it’s limits, eyes tight and tired from crying for the last few hours.  I cannot believe all that has transpired.  You all might remember the post I put up about how God provided for our first deadline payment for our India trip back in June.  That situation was such a testimony for me and so many others around me and my family.  If I’m completely honest, this situation is engrained in my brain and soul, but it’s crazy how quickly my emotions can come in and cloud how amazing God provides.

Let’s start with Sunday morning.  I get up and go to church a little behind schedule and without my full attention on where and what I was about to go and do.  The kids were going in ever direction but out the door, one of them didn’t have clean clothes to wear.  I was flustered at best. We finally arrive late and settle into our Sunday school classes where I was preoccupied but the fact that we had exactly one week left to pay our next payment for our India mission trip.  OH I guess I forgot to say we were $600 short. We owe $1,000 a week from that point and we were $600 short.  I didn’t speak much during class because of my preoccupied state until I walked out of our classroom and paused a second when a fellow India mission team member walked up.  She could tell something was wrong and I started to well up with tears.  As we met eye contact, I said, “I don’t think we are going to make our next deposit.”  With that the tears began to fall.  It was made clear that we were only allowed to be slightly off at each payment point or we would have to reassess if we thought we would be able to go on the trip or not.  Us not having the whole amount meant we would potentially not be able to go on the trip at all in December.

Before service started I prayed and asked God to help me refocus so I could hear Him through the sermon.  I am not sure what the sermon was supposed to be about but this is what I got out of it.  Moses was born in less than favorable circumstances, could have lost his life, but God knew, and probably planned the whole terrible situation of the Hebrew babies being thrown into the river so that one day a little Hebrew boy would be “rescued” from the river by a princess.  He would then be taken back to his birth mother to be raised for the first 3 years of his life and then be raised by the princess as royalty.  His birth mom didn’t understand why, possibly, Moses didn’t know why.  The princess didn’t even know the real reason she was raising him.  God fostered a love and a pulling for the “underdog” in Moses the whole time he was growing up.  That lead him to defend a fellow Hebrew against an Egyptian.  That also lead to him being out in the wilderness and eventually being in a position to defend another underdog…his soon-to-be wife.  Then God calls him by a burning bush to once again, go defend the Hebrews…this time from a much more powerful Egyptian, the Pharaoh.  If he hadn’t had the life experiences and processes that he did, being found and raised by a princess and living in the royal courts, could he have just walked into Pharaoh and had a captive audience?  Yeah, no I don’t think so.  All of his life experiences were for a reason.

That got met thinking about my own life.  I was molested as a little girl (11ish).  As a woman God broke my heart for the women in the adult industry.  One of the reasons he was able to do that was because I could relate with the abuse they went through at one time.  It is said that 98% of adult industry workers were at very least molested if not sexually assaulted at sometime during their lives, usually by a close friend of the family or family member.  Ba-da-bing!  Guess what I can relate!  I felt an overwhelming compassion for the women and forgave them for the hurt that “they” had caused me in my life.  Had my parents never divorced, had a new person not come into the family dynamics, had I not been abused, had that person not gotten chosen over me by my own birthmother… I may not have been able to fully relate.  Then as an adult I became friends with a woman for “unexplained reasons” couldn’t have her own children.  As a result she adopted two beautiful children internationally.  For the first time, I got to see first hand the heartache and devastation of having to wait for a referral, the process of getting an NOC and travel approval.  My heart hurt with joy when I got to experience all of those things being completed.  The overwhelming elation as the family left to go bring home their child from a foreign country, one of which she and her husband had never been before.  And the peace once their feet were on USA soil.    I felt like I had just birthed that child through my heart and she wasn’t even mine.  The prayers and heartache I felt for her before she was home…my goodness.  My perspective of adoption and orphans was never the same after that.  Was it any wonder I had gone through all of that?  God has shown me time and again it’s because he was preparing me, just like he had Moses, for our calling in life.  I am go to serve these very people.  The abused and orphaned.

Fast-forward to Monday.  I woke up feeling still a bit heavy.  The sermon was good.  I did feel like God communicated with me, but not the way I felt I needed to be communicated with (after all I know best, right?).  I decided to fast and pray and ask God how in the world I was going to be able to pay for our next payment for our trip.  One thing was made clear, I was being called to India and that’s all good and fine.  But without the money to pay for the next payment, my toes and rear were not going to be on the plane to India, they were going to be on my couch and in the carpet of my living room.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  See these are my thoughts most of the day.  So I put on a sermon from the pastor at World Outreach Church and guess what that sermon was on.  Not Moses, but Noah.  About his life….leading up to his calling.  How God prepared him for a purpose.  That his life was such that he was prepared for the “job” he was meant to do.  *sigh*  I’m thinking, “God, I got that from Pastor Scott yesterday!  I already know I’m called. T hat’s NOT what I’m asking! I need to know how I’m going to pay for this upcoming payment….like 6 days from now.  Could you answer that one please?”   Dinnertime came and I retreated to my bedroom for what I thought was going to be quiet time, but my phone rang instead.  I almost didn’t answer it but I decided to because it was my friend, Kelly.  She asked if I was going to be starting back up with 50 Cent Auctions on Facebook again.  I told her that I had, in fact, started listing that morning.  There were items donated to she and her husband to sell on there but they had made the decision that they weren’t going to continue selling items for fundraising purposes.  Folks it is a LOT of work…I don’t even remotely blame her.  I took two weeks off for the same reason.  I was overwhelmed with everything too!  Apparently, it’s a whole garage floor worth of things to sell.  I accepted the gift of things to sell and hung up the phone.  As I sat there praying over the day and thinking about the conversation I had just had with Kelly, it  hit me.

God had been telling me while I was worrying about the payment that He had called me to this mission trip and beyond this mission trip where India was concerned.  Never in the bible had he called someone to a great work and left them to figure it out on their own.  He gave them step by step instructions about how to carry it out.  Afterall, his reputation is on the line.  The bible says that he will see his word to fruition, because he never lies.  It is impossible for him to go against who he is.  If he had called me to this, he is going to see to it that I have what I need to see his calling through.  Yes…that includes providing financially.  He isn’t stupid.  He didn’t miss something.  He was telling me, “Chill out woman!  I’ve got this!  Just give me a second, sheesh!”

I could end this blog post right here and it would be pretty amazing.  I pray for financial provisions, he gives me things to sell.  End of story.  WRONG.

Later that evening, Josh called a man in our church who agreed to smoke Boston butts for us for a fundraiser.  We had spent part of the day calling around getting prices and making arrangements for it, we just had to finalize details.  Once that was done, we drafted a flyer and put it on the beloved communication highway…facebook.  Within an hour we had 4 orders.  I was feeling pretty good and was reminded once again…”I will give you what you need to see my calling through!”  Then I click off of facebook to do something else and when I got back, the administrator for the 50 cent auction group had posted my upcoming Bunco event on our main communications message board inviting people to join us.  See I was 7 people short of being able to play.  I was totally shocked.  Then I get a text from a friend asking for 5 (FIVE) headbands that I’ve been making to sell for trip funds.  She ended up going with two and will be looking at other jewelry later, but there’s another bit of money that will be coming in.  She also agreed to find a date to have a trunk show at her house with all of my handmade paper bead jewelry!  I went to bed feeling much better.  Within a few hours, God had given us $160 through all of those fundraisers.

That brings us to today.  August 5th, 2014.  I woke up feeling energized and relaxed for the most part.  I knew I needed to finish up getting some donations in for Bunco prizes, a flyer needed hung and Starbucks for my cloth diapering seminar and a CD of piano music needed delivered to a friend.  Can I just say God gave us MAJOR favor today.  Listen to this:

  • A local nail salon donated a $25 gift certificate to be used on the spot, no questions asked.  I have it in hand.
  • We were able to pick up a certificate for a 30 minute massage which had been promised a couple of weeks ago.  I have it in hand.
  • Josh talked to several other business who are meeting with the powers that be on donations.  I will follow up with them soon.
  • He also went by a local drive-in called Jiffy Burger.  Apparently India is a soft spot in their hearts so they said they’d talk about how to support us and allowed Josh to put up two flyers about my Bunco night on their business doors!!  Sweet!

At this point he had to come home to get more flyers.  It was so exciting to me, to see him excited about handing out flyers.  It was such a big help to me because I had to be at home with the boys doing school.  He was amazing today.  God blessed me so much just by allowing me watch my husband serve today.  It really blew me away.  Then he went back out to hand out the newly printed flyers.

His last stop was at a friend of the family’s place of business.  He was sharing with John about our trip and the calling God has placed on our lives.  He was requesting an oil change certificate or something of the such.  There was a woman standing in the lobby during this time but left at some point during the conversation.  Josh finished up with John and then went to go get in his truck and as he did the woman from the lobby approached him.  She asked him to repeat the story he had just told John and he did.  She explained that she was new to town and had been looking for a church home.  She tried one church in town but didn’t feel comfortable there so she tried on in a town about a half an hour away.  She liked it ok but people at that church, whom were involved with a Christian biking association suggested that she try Trinity here in town.  They told her there were people at that church who also belonged to the biking group and they though she might enjoy that church.  When she heard my husband say he was from Trinity, she was intrigued and wanted to know more about this trip he was going on.  She asked if she could help him with funds by writing a check.  She asked who to make it out to, Josh said Trinity.  As she handed the check over to him he could hardly believe it.  He said all he could say was thank you.  The check, folks, was for $500!  

As he got into the car and started to drive away, he called me and said, “You are NOT going to believe what just happened.  A stranger just handed me a check for $500…”  I was so confused.  I questioned what he said and he repeated it but said he couldn’t talk.  He was taking it right to church to turn in and that he would call me back with the details later.  I hung up the phone and for three hours I felt like a weeping willow tree.  I just could hardly stand on my own two feet.  I could barely talk.  I was so overwhelmed by God’s abundant provisions.  We needed $600 yesterday morning.  By the end of today (I haven’t closed out auctions for today or checked to see if anymore BBQ has sold) he has provided $660….  I don’t know about you, but I have tears just welling up in my eyes.

I went on facebook after Josh called me and posted this:

“Not for a scond…not even for a millisecond should you doubt that God hears your prayers.  He cares so much about you.  He knows where you are, he’s just waiting for you o ask for help.  Just humble yourself, stop trying to make things work for yourself and just ask HIM or help.  Is he a “short order chef”  to give you whatever you ask for? NO, but when you pray according to HIS will, he will show up in a HUGE way.  What are you waiting for?  PRAY!”

With that I will leave you for the evening.  Thanks for sharing in this journey with us.  Please be praying for Josh’s time off and our childcare during our trip.  That’s another thing that only God will be able to provide for.



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