On a Mission: Learn How to Make Paper Bead Jewelry!

Good morning everyone!

I went running (well it was more of a walking adventure to be honest) yesterday with two friends. In between explosive bouts of laughing and screaming at people and random wildlife we spoke about India. One of the women is also going to India in December with me. We did a rough estimate of how much time we have left before we leave and how much we have raised for our trip. We also did a quick estimate of the current, consistent fundraising we are both doing and we realized if we don’t do anything else (which is not the plan, you can refer to my last post to see what I have tentatively planned) we won’t make our deadlines.

One of the things decided, for my fundraising, was to offer a “how to” workshop on paper beads.  So here’s the deal!  Lots of people have asked if I would teach them how to make paper beads and the jewelry that I have been making to get ready for trunk shows.  I  will be offering workshops for those interested!

“What will the workshop look like?  What can I expect if I sign up to attend this workshop?”  I am so glad you asked, let me tell you!

  • I will share my testimony about how God nudged me to go on this mission trip.
  • I will share my testimony about how God lead me to paper beads.
  • Supplies needed to make paper beads
  • The process for making paper beads
  • How to pair up paper beads to make a necklace
  • Process for making the necklace
  • How to tight needed knots to finish your piece

The registration fee for this workshop will be $20.   This covers your supplies for your jewelry.  We will be having light snack type foods while we share and work together.  You are welcome to come to the workshop I am going to host, or you can get your friends together for a workshop in your home.  Either way is more than fine with me.  I will also have a table set up at the workshop of items I already have made including hair accessories which you can purchase for yourself or gifts for others.

Once you have learned this skill, I will put your name on an invite list for work days if you’d like. My group could possibly be making jewelry with the local women in Jaipur.  I plan to have work days at my church for anyone who wants to make beads for us to take over there with us to potentially give to the women so they can get started making jewelry of their own to sell.  Making paper bead jewelry is so much fun but it can be time consuming when you are trying to make lots of pieces.  My goal is to possibly get into a craft fair this fall and additional trunk shows in people’s homes.  Being one person, I am struggling to find the time to make the beads AND the jewelry.  My hope is that after this workshop you will love paper beads so much that you’d be willing to make a few for me to use in my jewelry.  People LOVE this jewelry!  When I wear my items I get compliments all the time and it’s not because I did such a great job on it, it’s because the jewelry is striking and beautiful.  In order to keep up with trunk shows, I need help from you wonderful supporters to just make beads.  Working together we can answer God’s call on my family to go on this mission trip in December.  I will be able to make more jewelry this way in a shorter amount of time.  For you number crunchers out there, that means more money goes into my mission fun and out of my overhead cost.  Time is money, as they say.

I appreciate each of you.  I appreciate the talents that have been shared up to this point.  I appreciate the sacrificial giving I have seen on so many people’s parts.  I appreciate the prayers and the encouragement along the way.  I may be physically GOING to India, but this is all of your story, too.  You have involved yourself in many ways and because of that, when God is glorified and when people are reached for him, it will be just as much part of your testimony as mine.



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