On a Mission: Rajasthan, India – God Provides

“Lord, if we are truly supposed to go, if this is YOUR will and not ours, we need your help to raise this money while we are out of the country.”

You might remember a blog post I put up right before heading off to the Dominican Republic about our need for God to provide while we were gone so we could make our deposit for the India trip.  When we left we had right around $200 in our mission account after a month of chaos.  My husband and I put things in God’s hands and told him, “Lord, if we are truly supposed to go, if this is YOUR will and not ours, we need your help to raise this money while we are out of the country.”  I might add, shortly after we said yes to going t India, my husband made a comment that he believed God was going to grow his faith through this journey.  I think it’s safe to say he has already done that for both of us many times over.

When we got to the hotel in Santo Domingo after a long day of traveling, I was finally able to get some WiFi service long enough to check in to facebook for a few minutes.  When I did there was a message from my pastor waiting for me.  Now before I show you a screen shot of what he said, keep in mind that I knew of three donations that were possibly going to come in and if they did, it could amount to about $460.  That would have put us at around $660 which would still be $340 off from our deposit amount of $1,000.


I was nearly speechless.  I couldn’t believe that God had provided that much from so few people.  I was humbled and found it hard to even verbalize what I had read to Josh as we got ready to pack up our things to catch the shuttle to the airport.

Then the next morning, I got another message from him and another friend of mine.  I got his first:


I was completely overwhelmed by that point.  It was then that I realized I had another message on facebook so I checked it.  It explained the $200 donation that came in:


The theft story she is referring to was blogged about here and here.  That is when I totally just couldn’t take it anymore.  Within a few days, and all while we were out of the country, God provided $710.  When you add that up with the money we had already turned in before we left, that was around $900!  Not only did God provide but he provided up and above what we even though possible!

The Sunday after we got home, we had our first India meeting where we had to have our $500 turned in for each of us.  When I walked in, my pastor came up and handed me an envelope.  Guys I cannot make this stuff up.  During VBS, my husband and I had purchased supplies for decorations.  We had already discussed that when we were reimbursed for those supplies we would turn it right back around and give to the church for our India fund.  How much was the check?  $102.  As I am sitting here writing this my eyes are burning with tears.  If you have lost count, that put us possibly right above $1,000.  We made our deposit 100%. I am just so overwhelmed by how God provides.  I shared with you during my Haiti Trip on day three about how God provides.  Having experienced all of that and then to experience provisions on a personal level just days after that, needless to say I am overwhelmed by the One True God who watches over me.

God truly does work all things together for good for those who love him.  I can testify to this without hesitation.

About the donations that were given.  In order to protect anyone who might have wanted to contribute without being identified, the church won’t tell me who the donations were from.  If one of them was from you, please hear my heartfelt thank you.  God used you to grow our faith and confirm with us that our involvement in this trip is HIS will, not ours.  He has once again proven to us that He has a plan and a reason for us to be in Rajasthan in December.  Thank you so very much for being obedient and giving.  I am praying for blessings to fall on you all, and everyone who has contributed.



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