I Refuse to be Pushed off of the Cliff of Distraction!


I woke up this morning to my phone ringing and as I rolled over to see who was calling me at 7:15am on my first day without childcare I saw my husband’s number.  I figured he just got done with his morning routine at work and was checking in.  I answer the phone, half asleep thinking I’d just go back to bed after we hung up.  The kids were still asleep.  My bed was warm…Mmmmmm!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if my personal barista has brought in a nice iced chai latte right about then.

I say hello and he starts out by saying that he had bad news.  I thought…hummm what could this be?  He got transferred to another station that he doesn’t care for?  You see a guy who works at the fire station he does is just coming back from medical leave so it was highly likely that was the case.  Maybe he forgot his dress blues and he needed to go to a funeral for a fellow fireman?  The list could be forever long.  Then the hammer dropped as he told me that someone had broken into our vehicle last night while we slept.  They had taken his backpack that we had taken to church yesterday evening for one of our last Haiti/Dominican Republic meetings.  At this meeting we were asked to bring our passports so they could scan and make a copy of our passport for record keeping and application purposes.  We also had to take our laptops to finish filling out an online registration form for the organization we will be assisting during our mission trip.  This bag is also the one he takes to work with his personal items in it (electric shaver, charger, contacts, glasses, etc).  It’s basically his overnight bag.  All of those items were in this backpack and this backpack was all that was taken.

We are 18 days out from our departure day for our Haiti/Dominican Republic mission trip and we have no passports.  Awesome.  The amazing thing is this…this entire situation is completely out of our hands.  We have several options, none of which are ideal.

1.  We can eat the money we (and many of you have given) paid to go on this mission trip and work on replacing the passports overtime before India.  In other words, back out of the Haiti/Dominican Republic mission trip.  NOT an option.
Haiti Dominican boarder

2.  We can dig into our India fund that we have started with raised money and personal contributions to pay for the passports to be expedited to us.  That is not an option really because our first deadline for India is the next day after we get back from DR.  There aren’t enough days on the calendar for me to re-raise that money, one week of which we will be out of the country if we replace the passports, one week I will be tied up with vacation bible school at our church.


3.  Throw our hands up and forget everything.  Nix DR and India and just continue life as usual.  LOL  Yea that’s not an option either!


4.  Rely on God to provide for this situation because it is completely out of our control to make these ends meet.   You know, that’s really the only option we have and it’s absolutely and by far the best one we have.  Let me tell you why!

I know that God, the one true God is capable of accomplishing all things necessary to see His Will accomplished.  In Nehemiah 4 verse 20 it says: “In the place where you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there.  Our God will fight for us.”  If you don’t know the back story, Nehemiah was the cup bearer for the King in Babylon.  When he heard that the wall of Jerusalem was in piles of rubble, he, through prayer, gained the strength to ask the king to let him go back to rebuild the walls of his hometown where he had been taken when the king ransacked it years before (not why the walls were down).  God gave him favor and made a way for him not only to go but to have the supplies needed to rebuild the wall.    Surrounding armies were trying to throw a wrench into their rebuilding process by attacking them, distracting them with threats of doing so.  Instead of stopping they formed a plan that certain people would be building while others stood watch.  They also said that if there was an attack, they would blow a trumpet and nobles at that time were to run to the place where the trumpet was being blown for added protection while those along the wall fought off the attack.  Here’s the thing.  NEVER did they stop working toward the task of rebuilding the wall.  They simply armed themselves and prepared for what they would do in a situation where they had to defend their town again.  Please don’t forget, they were rebuilding the wall because they had been successfully attacked.  This wasn’t something they just decided was a good idea and that they could do on their own or in their own power.  The last part of that verse says, ” Our God will fight for us.”  In a situation where they knew they didn’t have the strength or ability to rebuild the wall on their own, they claimed that God would fight for them, to protect them, to see the wall to completion.  This is the exact place we find ourselves.  Powerless.  Unable to provide for our circumstances.  Needing God to show up and show off.  To help us to get our passports paid for again and to re-establish our India fund.


I know that no weapon formed against us during this mission season in our lives will prosper.  I know that He will be my shield and my sword.  I know that He will be truth that gets me through these times of opposition.  I can sleep at night knowing He is the one who watches over me while I sleep, because He doesn’t.    I know that He is my strong tower when I am weak.  I know that His strength will be made perfect in my weakness.  I am comforted by the fact that He knows the numbers of hairs on my head and could see today coming before the Earth was even made.    I know he sees the end of all of this and has everything in his hand.  He is Elohim.  He is El Shaddai.  He is El Elyon.  He is Jehovah Jirah.  He is the great I Am!

Thank you Lord for seeing all of this and making a way for it all to come about for your glory.  Thank you for reminding me of who you are, your truths and Your Will for my life.  Thanks for paving a way for all things to work out in such a way that NOBODY can point to me or my husband as the source of completion, but only explain things by YOU!  I am praising you in advance for bringing the right circumstances together so the passports can be replaced and our India fund to be replaced.  I pray that this situation is used by you to encourage others not to give up in their call to missions.  NOTHING can stop you from accomplishing your Will.  Not people, money, circumstance, sickness or anything else that can beg our attention which should be on you.  Thank you for giving us eyes to see you, a heart to hear you and a faith to trust in You, Your timing and Your purpose for our lives.



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