On a Mission: Rajesthan, India Cake Fundrasier Wrap Up!

IMG_20140511_000323_648[1]Mother’s Day Cake Fundraiser!

This past weekend, I worked to complete 18 cakes, countless cake all truffles and many more cupcakes to sell for Mother Day celebrations around the county.  Everyone who ordered cakes were very sweet with their comments and reviews of the cakes.  Above is a picture of the spice cakes I sold.  It is 100% gluten free and 100% delicious!  They are moist and PACKED with spice flavor.  I sold a total of 3 of those.


Next comes the chocolate covered strawberry cakes!  A total of 9 of these were sold to people in my church and the 50 Cent Auction I belong to on Facebook.  Some requested dark chocolate while others had theirs made with milk chocolate.  When you open the cake box, the aroma just billowed out like the waves in the sea.  Oh my goodness!  Super yummy!


A total of 6 white cake orders were placed.  One was personalized, two were plain, one was made into cupcakes and another was for a baby shower.  Actually the cupcakes were for the baby shower too.  I love to make buttercream frosting.  There’s something about the way it melts in your mouth when you take a bite and how moist it keeps the cake that are just so….heavenly!

The above picture is of  a baby shower cake I made for one customer made from a white cake and buttercream frosting.  The frosting was dyed pink and her cupcakes were died purple.  Unfortunately the chocolate butterfly ended up breaking in the box so I had to replace it with another butterfly which laid flat instead of it being propped up on top of the cake.  I had spelled the name wrong so I ended up removing the wording and replaced it with piped frosting lettering instead.  Perfect I am not.  I am thankful for grace on the side of the purchaser.  She was very sweet and understanding.  This was my first attempt at making chocolate detailing and I think I need a little more work before I offer it to the public.  Live and learn!

I have updated the contributor’s page at the top of my blog to reflect the latest financial contributions that came in this week.  You all are investing in something so much bigger than what you see in your day to day lives.  Children will be saved from a life of torture and slavery.  They will be fed and not abused.  Women in the snare of sex trafficking will be given a new lease on life.  They will be taught a life skill which will help them to provide an income for their families.  HOPE will be given.  Please pray for the lives whom we will touch one day.  I’m guessing we are still a couple of years off until those things will happen, but this vision trip in December, which you have contributed to will get us one step closer to opening the doors to our new facilities in India.  The final picture can’t happen without this first step.   Thank you for your support and believing in us to fulfil what God has asked us to do.



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