Last Week of SCHOOL!!

Today marks the last Monday of my boy’s 2nd grade and 5th grade year! It is really hard to believe that from this day to today we have done 40 weeks of school! My goodness how time flies!  I am humbled at the thought of how God answered my prayers through the years for my boys to be homeschool.  I am blown away with all we learned about each other this year.  We finished all of some curriculum and barely half of others because we went deep into studies and took our time.  I learned more about curriculum and my kiddos learning styles.  Jackson works well independently as long as I check on him frequently.  Gage still needs some one on one time and gets bored with too much repetition.

It’s interesting really. God answered my prayers for us to homeschool last year.  It has become clear in the recent months that God answered our prayers, not just for the sake of answering our prayers, but to make the transition to India easier on them.  If we weren’t homeschooling we would have to pull them from the public school setting, all of their friends and other adults and plop them in a country that they’d know very little of the language, knew nobody, and would have very few friends. That’s not to say they don’t have friends now.  It’s not to say they don’t see other adults.  I just mean the setting of school.  I love the fact that God planned to answer our prayers, no just because we asked, but he saw fit to answer it for HIS reasons and for HIS glory!  Isn’t that amazing?

Friday is their last day of school.  We plan to have short school day and a celebration the last part of the day.  Each kiddo is going to have someone stay the night that night, we’ll probably make cupcakes or something, I don’t know.  Maybe Glowstick tag or something out in the back yard.  That would be fun!

The highlights from this year, for me, would be our studies on early nomads, when the boys went off curriculum and studied crawfish, Jackson being elected as President of the homeschool 4-H group and him participating in speech night.  I’m so proud of Gage and his progress with his reading a speech this year.  He was able to graduate out of the speech program he was in before Christmas!  It was bittersweet for sure.  He has struggled with speech his whole life, and now, he’s completely done with speech aid.  Wow!  He has worked so hard.

For Jackson: He remembers and enjoyed the Jacob’s Coat craft and the screenplay script for Abraham.  He really liked Math-U-See curriculum.  He loved the ability to get his work done quick and have the rest of the day as free time.  His favorite sections in science were the wild dogs and the monkeys.

For Gage: He remembers math the most.  He said he learned things he didn’t even know was going to be taught (multiplication).  He enjoyed History the most. The seals and scrolls we did was his favorite activities.  He liked that we get breaks to relax during the day instead of just work, work, work.

All in all we had a great year.  Jackson will be finishing up his Math work this summer since we backed up a bit to make sure his multiplication and division were spot on before we moved on to more difficult math processes.  He reviewed those first sememster and then moved on to fractions second semester.  He will be all done by the time his 6th grade year starts.  Gage will continue to do addition, subtraction and multiplication sheets this summer to make sure he stays up on his facts.

This summer the boys will be staying a week with their G-Ma while my husband and I travel to the Dominican Republic for our first mission trip.  We have Vacation Bible School the week before that and then they will have Children’s Camp at the end of June.  July really doesn’t have much planned as of right now but I am sure it will fill up before we know it!  I think my husband plans to spend some decent time at the lake.  I’d like to be able to get some time in running and maybe working on learning the guitar with my kids.



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