On a Mission: Rajesthan – Our FIRST Donation!!

It is with such a joyful heart that I write to you all tonight.  Before I get to the donation, I have to share the back story first.

A month an a half ago, a friend of mine who is over this trip to India, introduced me to a man named Andy and his wife Susan via their website/blog.  They run an all boys home in Alwar, Rajesthan and their site talks all about their adventures.  One of the very first posts I read was this one here about how he was asking people who felt lead to virtually “adopt” one (or several) of his boys.  Now this isn’t a “sponsor-a-child” kind of thing.  It’s so much more than that.  He was requesting that when families “adopt” them, they are encouraged to write to them via Facebook, get to know them, pray for them, empower them, encourage them.  Let them get to know your family.  Show them that someone “out there” thinks about them and genuinely cares about them.  It’s an amazing demonstration of God’s love toward kids who’s society sees them as outcasts.  Right away I sent an email to No Longer Orphans to request a match up.  I sent a description of each person in my family so they could make the best possible match for the boys sake.

I was delighted to find out that we were going to have the blessing of getting to know three “fearfully and wonderfully made” biological brothers.  Three of them, three of mine.  Perfect!  Allow me to introduce:  Mahesh, Mukesh and Rakesh!




I just know God is going to do amazing things through their lives.  I am so happy that we will be able to watch them grown and mature into Godly men!  I know they are in a place that will foster a love for God that will shape who they become.  Godly, loving husbands.  Tender husbands. Loyal friends.  I am so humbled to be able to have the chance to lift them up to the Most High God each morning.  I feel so privileged to be able witness their growth.  I thank God daily for their lives and for bringing them into mine and my family’s.

By now I assume you have see pictures of Andy.  Two weeks ago, he and Susan were in my tiny town to share about their orphanage/home.  They are remarkable people who really love their boys, all 28 of them.  You could see in their eyes how much they longed to get home to see them.

While they were here I poured my heart out to them about my desire to answer God’s call to be the “beautiful feet” who leave the comfort of America to go India to start a new orphanage.  Andy told me he would have the boys pray for us everyday during their prayer time and I believe their prayers are making a difference already!  God tells us in Matthew that the prayers of children see the face of God.  I am so privileged to have their continuous prayers.    As I spoke with Andy on facebook today he asked if I had gotten their donation.  I was taken aback because I had no idea what he was talking about.  I instantly decided to check my www.gofundme.com account and there it was!   Our VERY FIRST donation toward our India vision trip happening in December!!


I wish I could express to you the amount of gratitude that flowed from my eyes when this page loaded for the very first time.  To know they have been praying daily for us, to know they were our very first supporters and that they believe in us and our calling is nearly more than my emotions can handle.  God is so good to us…more than we even deserve!

Please consider checking out their website in length.  Prayerfully consider how you can help them as they are 100% faith blessed, meaning they rely on God to provide for their needs.  They don’t ask for monthly pledges or sponsorship for the boys.  They are striving to be 100% self sustainable but still have a ways to go.



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