On a Mission: Rajesthan, India!



Would you be willing to partner with us to go on a vision trip to India?  God is leading people around us to start an orphanage in Rajesthan, India and we'd like to see what God has planned for us in all of this.

Would you be willing to partner with us to go on a vision trip to India? God is leading people around us to start an orphanage in Rajesthan, India and we’d like to see what God has planned for us in all of this.


Dear Friends,

It is with anticipation and excitement that I am writing you today!  Over the past several months, God has been working in our family in a way only He could.  Through bible study, sermons from various pastors and quiet time our eyes have been opened to a place where God is moving in remarkable ways.  In December of 2014, members of our church, Trinity Baptist Church in Manchester, Tennessee will be traveling to India to explore the promptings to open an orphanage in Jaipur.  We would like to be a part of what God is doing in this project but we ultimately need help from our friends and family to make it happen.  We would be working in conjuction with No Longer Orphans (founders pictures with us above)  based out of Alwar and missionaries who are currently in Jaipur with the International Missions Board to explore locations.  Jaipur is in the eastern side of the state of Rajesthan. Rajesthan is located in the northern region boardering Pakistan.

On March 18, 2014 God spoke to me very clearly concerning orphans in India during my quiet time and bible study.  My heart was completely broken and since that day I have not been able to divert my thoughts and urgency regarding the calling I feel He has given to me.  I have been woken up in the middle of the night with India on my mind, I have listened to countless sermons regarding the Great Commission (to go tell people about Jesus, AKA missions).  When our pastor and his wife announced that they were planning a vision trip to India to explore the details of opening an orphanage there, we prayerfully considered our involvement.  During on time on the ground in India, the agenda will likely consist of three primary elements:

* Teaching/Training Church Leaders in Jaipur
* Ministry at the No Longer Orphans orphanage in Alwar
* visiting/prayer walking cities/locations where there are unreached people groups and casing potential sites for an orphanage.

The long term mission is to establish an orphanage to take care of the children who are unwanted by their society but so valued by Christ.  Through that orphanage the community around there will be reached with the gospel of Christ.  There are some families in our church who feel they are being called to full-time international missions where all of this is concerned.  We are hoping to go on this trip to get a clearer idea of the capacity our family is being called to serve in God’s work.  It is possible we could find ourselves living abroad in India with our family several years down the road.  It’s also possible we are supposed to be traveling on this trip so we have first hand experience there so we can more effectively fundraise for those who answer the call to go.  Regardless of how God calls us to get involved, we feel we are being prompted to be involved at this point to go, see and pray there.

As your friend, we are asking for your assistance in getting us to India.  What does that mean exactly?  We need people who will commit to pray, fast and support financially.  We don’t want to do anything outside of God’s Will for our lives so being lifted up by our brothers and sisters in Christ during this time is invaluable.  Please pray for direction, clarity and provisions during this time.  If you feel lead, we will also be accepting donations to go toward paying for our airfare and items needed once we get over to India.  Those items will include food, lodging and possibly clothing, especially for me.  In India, women are expected to dress a certain way so we not only want to respect their culture but to provide an element of protection for me.

It has been projected that this trip will cost $2-3,000 per person.  $500 of each ticket is due by June 1, 2014 with $500  due each 4-6 weeks thereafter until the balance is paid.  In our own power, this amount is daunting at best.  This is a God-sized task that we are depending on him to provide for a large portion of.  We are fundraising by way of craft workshops, henna tatoo sessions, online auctions/yard sales and by contributing from our own personal budget.  Be in prayer for how God might call you to come along side of us and help us get to India, finacially.  I realize everyone’s budget is very tight these days and it’s hard to give.  Every love gift is a sacrifice.  If you decide to come along side of us, remember that your contribution is tax deductable!  When God speaks to your heart about giving you can donate online you can visit us online at GoFundMe.  If you would rather send it by mail, contact me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/seriouslyoutnumbered

As this journey unfolds, I will be updating everyone here.  Please consider subscribing to my posts that you will get an email each time I post an update.  I will also be sending out pictures to everyone who supports this mission/vision trip once we find our feet back on solid, American soil.  Thank you for your moral, spiritual and financial support over the next many months.  God will be glorified when we unite with each other and His Will will be accomplished.


Josh Warren       Andrea Warren


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