On a Mission: Knitting 101 Recap

Beth getting a refresher course!

Beth getting a refresher course!

One of my “students” this morning said something after getting her first 15 stitches cast on to her brand new pair of size 10 knitting needles.  She said,” Boy I should have taken anxiety medication before coming this morning!”  I remember those feelings all too well from when I was just learning to knit!

I taught myself to knit by watching Youtube videos while I was pregnant with my second son.  I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones or the act of learning knitting that brought me to tears each time a loops slipped off of my needle.  I would cry crocodile tears and pull the WHOLE THING out and start again, right down to the slip stitch at the beginning.  Oh boy.  To say my learning curve was steep would be an understatement.

But let me tell you, these girls did AMAZING today!  I had two women, one who had learned years ago and had even finished a throw blanket or two but had since forgotten.  The other has learned to crochet but wanted to learn knitting, too, so she could teach her daughter.  I have only been knitting for a short period of time compared to crocheting so I was nervous about teaching this morning.  Sometimes things are so hard to put into words for me. I can show you all day long but to explain what I’m doing?  Arg!  The three of us worked together very well though and both women left with 2-3 inches of knit 2, purl 2 ribbing completed!  Their tension looked beautiful and you could see, very clearly the ribbing effect shining through.

The coffee cake got hit hard!  I later found out it was my husband, not the ladies!  Apparently it met his expectations and then some!

The coffee cake got hit hard! I later found out it was my husband, not the ladies! Apparently it met his expectations and then some!

He always takes the middle out of anything baked...pies, cakes...it really is the best part!

He always takes the middle out of anything baked…pies, cakes…it really is the best part!

This coffee cake recipe is so so good.  I got it from The Pioneer Woman’s site.  Have you been there?  If not you must go!  It is my go to place if I need to make something that I don’t have a recipe for.  I haven’t searched for something on her site that I haven’t found a recipe for.  I wonder if there is anything she hasn’t made.  And just a side…her potato soup and tomato soup could bring anyone to their knees.  *drool*

cupcakes knitting 101

Oh my goodness! I haven’t made these for several years but they are so good. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting! I think I might need to go run a few hundred miles!

After we finished our cast on and first row, we took a break to enjoy some of the snacks on the table.  My family had already dug into the coffee cake and apparently really enjoyed it!  🙂

When we got back to work I shared with them what I felt like God was preparing me to do on our mission trip to Haiti/Dominican Republic.  I also shared with them why knew that God was calling us to go on this trip.  It was after I got done talking that I remember that I HAD to take pictures this time.  I forgot during my crocheting workshop and am so bummed about that!

Hannah knitting for the first time!

Hannah knitting for the first time!

They are determined aren't they!  Such concentration!

They are determined aren’t they! Such concentration!

I am telling you what.  These girls have it going on!  I can see it now!  Everyone on their Christmas list for next year will have a scarf or something knitted under the tree!  Beth camps every summer and was happy to hear there were light up knitting needles and crochet hooks available for purchase.  I’m pretty sure will be knitting around a camp fire together at some point in the coming months!

Thank you so much to Beth and Hannah for coming today!  Thank you to my husband who helped me with the boys while I taught.  He set up my laptop to the big screen so I could show the pattern and information to the class where they could all see it.  Wasn’t that sweet?



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