On a Mission: Fundraiser Recap

Over a month ago, I posted that we would be having a Parent’s Night Out Fundraiser to benefit our mission trip to Haiti/Dominican Republic.  We ended up only having one kiddo there that night but we had fun just the same!
One of the many games we played during the evening was a Bozo Show style game. The kids obviously had no idea who Bozo was but they had fun playing. Winner of this game got a box of conversation hearts!IMG_20140214_202714_086



We also played “Mother May I” and “Red Light Green Light” with prizes after each of those as well.

Again, what is a gathering without food!  We had each child who came bring their own sack lunch and then we provided chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes for dessert.  Brownie on the bottom, white cake dyed pink, strawberry cream cheese frosting and a half strawberry on top.  Soooo yummy!


Last weekend I had my first craft workshop.  We spent two and a half hours working with the art of crochet.  How fun!  I am so excited to have gotten the chance to do this.  Very soon I will write a post on why.  At this workshop I taught basic crochet techniques such as how to hold a hook, how to count stitches, single crochet and a short tutorial on how to pick yarn from the store shelf and how to read the label.  We also discussed how to read a written pattern.  The pattern we used came from a blog I recently discovered and love!  Check it out!  As with anything you have a learning curve, these girls were no different  However, once they got through that they were off and running.  I spent Sunday after church helping her to see where to end a row before starting the next one.  She texted me Thursday to tell me she had completed her first dishcloth but needed help on doing the border.

Peyton's birthday was the night before the crochet 101 workshop.  We used the leftover cupcakes and the table arrangement from that to decorate for the workshop.

Peyton’s birthday was the night before the crochet 101 workshop. We used the leftover cupcakes and the table arrangement from that to decorate for the workshop.

At the workshop we had fruit-kabobs (center), leftover cupcakes from my son’s birthday party and turkey sandwiches around lunch time.

Tomorrow, I will be hosting a Knitting 101 Workshop with two ladies, possibly three.  If you need more one on one instruction, this would be a perfect class for you.  The cost is $25 and covers the supplies and instruction.  As with the others it goes to help with my husband and my trip funds!  If you would like to attend, please comment below or on facebook.  We will be making a simple ribbed scarf made from super soft yarn.  Stay tuned for a recap on this recap.  Hopefully I will remember to take more pictures than I did last week!

I am currently planning a glow stick tag event for the end of April, first part of May.  I seriously cannot wait!  I may or may not be getting to old to play games like this but I know it’s going to be SOOoo fun!  Stay tuned for dates and details!  All ages welcome!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way.  I really appreciate it.  You are investing in God’s kingdom which will repay far more than investing in anything on Earth.



3 thoughts on “On a Mission: Fundraiser Recap

    • Yes we did! Thank you so much! I had my knitting 101 today and am about to post pictures and a recap for that get together.

      Seriously the girls did SOOoooo good! I am so proud of them. If I remember to take pictures next time they come to “sit and do” then I will post them for you.

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