On a Mission: Crochet 101 Workshop Fundraiser

ImageThe photo above was not mine, actually I pulled it from a Google search but this is what we will be making, or something similar to this, at my Crochet 101 Workshop.

When I was just five years old, my mom taught me how to crochet a chain.  I am pretty sure that’s where I stayed for a very very long time.   As I grew older, I began to explore the lost art even more.  When I became an adult, and the world of Youtube.com started, I was all over that site looking for new techniques and patterns!  I couldn’t wait to make something new.  I would love to pass on my knowledge of the art to anyone, young or old, who want to learn.

On Saturday, March 8th, I will be teaching the three basic stitches to the first 15 who RSVP via text, phone or my facebook event.  If more than 15 RSVP, I will consider scheduling another workshop for another time.  All who attend will get the hook and yarn needed for the project as well as instruction on how to make a similar dishcloth to the one posted above.  All materials will be yours to take home at the end of the event.   More than likely you will not complete the project during the allowed time, but you will have an understanding of how to do so at a later time.  Anyone who needs help with finishing touches later on are welcome to call for additional help.  Snacks and serious girl time/conversation are promised as well!

A suggested donation of $25 to cover workshop costs and to help fund our trip.  We are well on our way to reaching our goal of $2,400, but we need to keep going the way we have started.  If you know of anyone who might like to join in on the fun, have them follow the link above to the facebook event to ask questions and to let me know they will be coming.

Thank you all for your continued support through this journey.  Take heart that you will be contributing to helping orphans from Haiti living in the Dominican Republic after being displaced after “the day the Earth broke.”  That’s what they call the day the earthquake turned their world upside down.



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