We’re On a Mission: Fundraiser update!

I wish there was some way to express how hard it is for me to ask for donations and sponsorships.  I am becoming more and more aware it’s probably a pride issue.  All that being said, I wanted to share with you some of the methods of fundraising we have come up with and the successes we have had so far.

Tonight was our first official fundraising event and it went really really well.  Our church deacons, trustees and staff had their annual Christmas party.  I was asked a month or so ago if my husband and I would be interested in providing childcare for those with children.  We agreed and showed up at church tonight at 4:20 to report for duty.  Their party was to start at 5 so we were actually asked to report at 4:40 to accept kids.    We showed up early because we stopped to get fast food on the way there since we’d be there until after 8.

Break in the story for a quick side note:  When we arrived, the parking lot was full, we could see in the windows of the fellowship hall and it was packed.  We circled once to find a good place to park and notice several people we knew were to attend were parked and already inside the building.  We go into the building to find a couple who was planning to attend the Christmas party standing outside of the nursery room.  RUT-ROH!  I double checked the time on my phone and replayed the conversation I had with Kelly, my pastor’s wife, regarding the time I was supposed to be there.  I all but ran down the hall with my fast food bag flapping behind me.  I am apologizing and wondering where in the world I went wrong…how in the world did I mix up this information?  Come to find out, there was a wedding reception going on in the fellowship hall and the Christmas party was actually being held off site.  *wipes forehead*  Shew!  I didn’t mess up this time!  Praise the LORD!  Anyway after that near heart attack, I settled into another room to eat my heart attack in a bag.

Back to the regularly scheduled program:

We had a total of 10 kiddos.  We started off by separating the older kids and the younger kids.  My husband took the older ones, I took the babies.  Most families brought their own food for the kids to eat there, there were others who did not so we ordered a couple of pizzas.  Once dinner was cleaned up, the kids played with the toys in the respective rooms.  Then we started a movie in each room.  With about two hours to go, we started making Christmas tree ornaments with the help of two of the older girls.  All hands and feet in both rooms (with the exception of a couple who were “too cool” to trace their hands and feet), then they were organized, glued and decorated to look like a reindeer, complete with a red nose and string to hang him from the tree.

Let the free play continue.

Following that, my husband organized races in the hallway.  Not running races but like…crab walk races, bear crawl races, etc.  The kids really got into it!  Not long after, parents began to arrive and as I looked up at the clock four hours had passed!  Wowzers!

When we agreed to take on this event, we agreed to do it based on donations.  Whatever families felt appropriate for the service we provided, they could pay.  They were more than generous and helped us on our way to getting our passports paid for, our first step!  Next we have to work towards getting our deposit for the airfare paid off!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who pitched in and supported our efforts to make it to Haiti/Dominican Republic.  I pray you are blessed and treated by God the way you treated us tonight.

This one was a little longer than I expected so I will make a new post for our other ideas.  If you arrived here because you, too are looking for fundraising ideas, please follow me as I will be posting many other ideas very soon!


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