Taking a Break From Regularly Scheduled Education to Bring You This Special Bulletin:

As I told you all the other day, my kids have recently found crawfish hunting.  With the recent fishing trip with Dad under their belts, they have an all new motivation to seek out these creepy little creatures (in my opinion).  Each day I they come to me begging to go to the creek.  If nothing else it’s great motivation for them to get their daily assignments done (if only that actually worked)!

Yesterday while I mowed the lawn, Jackson and Gage along with our neighbor boy set out to the creek with their bucket in the nook of their arm.  Nearly an hour later they came back very excited with their treasures.  After watching the bigger ones dominate the smaller babies, Jackson decided to put them in a bigger container so they wouldn’t be right on top of each other.

As you can see, some of them were itty bitty and others were decent sized!

As you can see, some of them were itty bitty and others were decent sized!

There were several others but they hadn’t been dumped in at this point.

Last night, all Jackson, my oldest, could think about was getting more information about them.  He shared his big plans of breeding them so that we would always have fishing bait.  I’m not sure that his plan will work, but if he was even going to attempt to create condition for this to take place, he was going to have to figure out how to tell gender of these little things and what their natural habitat includes.  Something tells me that a cooler with no hiding places probably won’t do.  🙂  This morning after getting back from his shooting club practice, he jumped online with my help to research a little more about crawfish.

First he found out how to identify male and female.  He was a little squeamish about this at first, but then we went out to the holding area he had them in and got to see it all first hand.  He was really excited about it and wanted to teach someone.  See we emphasize teaching what we’ve learned because it helps to cement it into their little brains.  So without further hesitation, Jackson’s video showing the difference between male and female crawfish:


I wish the video quality were better but thanks for watching just the same.  I am trying to locate my good camera so I can charge it and use it more often.  I have a feeling when I look back on these blogs I will wish they were of better quality.



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