A Night Downtown with My Sole Sisters

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.  ~Robert Brault

I don’t know who Robert Brault is, but that pretty well sums up Friday night in Nashville with my Sole Sisters.

My head is swirling with memories and thoughts of this past weekend.  I stand amazed at the events that took place and wonder how it’s possible that God chose me to be in the middle of it all.  The story starts six months ago before my first half marathon in Nashville at the Rock N Roll Series Half Marathon.  I eluded to this race in a post a couple of months ago when I was pleading for sponsorship to be able to run with the Sole Sisters at the Women’s Half Marathon.  I still thanking God for sending me Teresa from Florida that Tuesday before the race to encourage me.  She didn’t have to do that, but she did.  She didn’t have to sign up for the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon, but she did!  And that’s where my weekend basically started.

At 8:30 Friday morning I headed up to Murfreesboro for a full body massage and adjustment from my chiropractor’s office staff.  These women are amazing.  I didn’t visit them as much during my training as I did before the Rock N Roll Half but if I had they would have been right there for me.  They were the ones that figured out I had an issue with my Piriformis muscle which makes up the inner most layer of muscles that makes up your rump.  It attaches the hip and the femur bones. It’s one of those muscles you don’t know you have until it hurts.  🙂


Anyway I was 30 minutes late to my appointment so I wasn’t able to get stretched and massaged as much as I had hoped for but it was my own fault.  I did get adjusted though.  I praise God and thank him for a doctor’s office that A. Takes our insurance and B. supports firemen and their families.

From there I made my way to the Nashville International Airport to pick up Teresa!!  I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to see her smiling face and to throw my arms around her neck!!  Ack!  I was finally getting to spend some time with the angel who encouraged me and changed my whole outlook on racing just a few short months before.  I pulled into the waiting area and we loaded her things.  We got into the vehicle to try to get her GPS working so we could get en route to her hotel.  About that time we hear a tap on my window and it was an officer telling us if we were going to be sitting there we had to have our trunk popped open.  Who in the world made that rule??  Does anyone know WHY that’s a rule??  Anyway doesn’t matter!  We go ahead and pull out and take the 15 minute trip to her hotel.  Even though it was before check in time, they allowed her to get her key and settle into her room.  From there we took a walk downtown to find lunch.  After nearly getting an unplanned tour of the ghetto, we found a cute little place called Pita Pit.  I had never eaten there before but it was a nice experience.  Good food, great company.  Thanks again, Teresa for treating me!  You sure didn’t have to do that!

From there we went to the Renaissance Hotel Ball Room to check in and get our race packet.  I had forgotten my confirmation sheet (liability waver) in my vehicle a mile away at the hotel so I had to fill out a new form there at the counter.  No big deal.  We moved from there to the T-Shirt pick up area.  To make a long story short, the ladies there informed us that the tech shirts were made to fit snugly and that even still they ran a little small.  I was encouraged at that point to upsize in order to get a shirt that fit me properly.  I did but then later learned that women who checked in later weren’t able to have a shirt at all.  😦  My friends Jennifer and Liz were of the women who walked away with no shirt even though they paid for them with their registration, but that’s a whole different blog post!    We proceeded to walk around the Expotique as they called it.  The very first booth we came to was a photo-op where they asked you to write your goal for the race on it and take a picture with your sign.

Teresa: "Have Fun!"  Andrea: "Prove that I still have it!"

Teresa: “Have Fun!” Andrea: “Prove that I still have it!”

There was definitely not as much at this one as there was at the Rock N Roll but it was ok, I guess.  I was introduced to running skirts.  I think I may have a new birthday wish for this year.  They are pretty amazing and from what I understand they would have helped me to not have the runners rash I have now from the race.  More on that later.  It took us all of 30 minutes or so to look at things and get to the exit door.

Afterwards we went back to her hotel and chatted for a bit, checked the weather and then I left.  Another Sole Sister friend, Becca, contacted me at that time to see if I was in town yet as she and another teammate, Melody, had just checked into the Renaissance Hotel (host hotel) and gotten their packet from the ball room and were thinking about going to Demos’ for dinner.  I left my vehicle in Teresa’s hotel’s parking lot and made the mile walk that we had already made earlier in the day.  I got to their hotel just a couple of minutes before they were ready to head to dinner so off we went.  Tired from walking all day, and feeling dehydrated, we made our way a few blocks to the restaurant and put our name down for a table.  Our wait was minimal as we were able to get there before the rush, praise God.


Demos’ in Downtown Nashville.

As we were eating we saw others from our team, Joyce and her husband, Kim, and a few others I think, waiting outside for their table.  Unfortunately none of us thought to take pictures during dinner…bummer as this post really needs some color right about now.  A picture of butt muscles may not be enough to keep some people around!  lol  Good thing this blog is just as much for recording memories as sharing my story!

I had requested that Jennifer and Liz, other team members with whom I would be sharing a friend’s house with overnight, call me when they finished up at Expo so we could follow each other to our lodging location.  They did just as I was finishing up dessert (a strawberry cheesecake-ish thing…soooo yummy).  I laid my money on the table and had the other girls pay for my dinner so I could catch Liz and Jennifer before they left downtown.  I really wanted a ride back to my car instead of having to walk another mile, then drive by myself to our friend’s house.  Apparently, others in my dinner party thought it was hilarious that I told Liz on the phone that I would lay down some cash (for my dinner) and meet them on the corner of 7th and Commerce.  Dirty minds are a horrible thing to waste!  By the way, did I mention Demos’ is at 3rd and Commerce, not 7th and Commerce?  Ugh…so off I run, uphill, to meet them.  *sigh* Just what my already tired body needed.  Not only that, there is no 7th and commerce!  I also wanted to make sure we all arrived at Donetta’s at the same time because they had never been to her house, nor had they ever met my friend so I didn’t want them to feel weird being there without me.

My goodness, God meant this whole situation for stress and comic relief.  We had the best time in that 30 minutes trying to get back to my car.  Liz nearly caused a traffic jam in downtown Nashville due to flipping a U-Turn and proceeding to complete a 3-point-turn on a tight street and blocking others from being able to move.  I thought I was going pass out due to the lack of oxygen reaching my brain because I was laughing so hard.  Then we pass an art gallery with some really odd art in it.  Now I appreciate art, but we had endless amounts of fun playing “voice over” on the conversations being had by those admiring the pieces.  Shall we fast-forward a bit?  Lets talk about how Liz apparently forgot that I drive an SUV and not a sports car, or the fact that she forgot SHE doesn’t either!  Oh my word I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes no fewer than three times as I attempted to follow her.  I know you’re thinking,” Why was she and Jennifer leading when you just said they had never met your friend and had never been there before?”  Good question, they had the GPS and I have a history of getting lost, even WITH GPS.  We get to Donetta’s house and I say a prayer of thanksgiving for getting us (me) there safely and that we didn’t experience any fits of road rage against us.  I’m fairly certain it was God’s mercy and grace to be honest.

We settled in and talked a bit with Donetta and then settled in for a few hours of sleep.  We had to be up at 4:30 in the morning in order to eat, get Jennifer and Liz’s car loaded up, get to LP Field to park, walk over to the Renaissance Hotel for a group picture of the Sole Sisters (or most of them anyway), meet up with Teresa, and get to the starting line before 7 when the race started.   Shew!

I’m going to go ahead and make this two posts since this one is bound to get even longer.  Thanks for reading and thanks to all of the Sole Sisters who made Friday night a night to remember fondly!



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