5:30am, Alarm Clocks and BioFreeze

Today has been a long day.  Especially for a  weekend day.  If I had to describe my day in three short words/phrases they would be 5:30am, Grace and Banana Bread.  The last two go together, really so I will blog those later.  The first one, well I can’t help but talk about running!

5:15am.  I don’t know about your alarm clock,  but I didn’t think mine even had that time on it on the weekend.  I learned today that it does.  I also learned that it takes 8 minutes to get from my house to the rec center in town when there’s no traffic.

A local running club called Mach Tenn Running Club has group runs on Sunday mornings starting at 6:30am with approximately 30 people in attendance.  Today, the workout distance was set at 6 miles but I, and several other friends of mine, needed to get in 10+ miles so we met an hour earlier than the scheduled start time to get in a few extras.  Today was my first time participating even though I have wanted to for nearly a year.  They provide water stops, Gu Gel at appropriate points in the run, and mark out the course with direction markers.  Talk about a no-brainer run.   I ended up with hip pain after the run but other than that, I have to say I’m glad it worked out for me to go.

The other reason I liked running with this group is because they offer incentives to those who run with them.  Right now, they are having a drawing at the end of their 8 week contest good for a club t-shirt and another for a free registration to the half marathon they sponsor in the Fall/Spring called the Oak Barrel Half Marathon.  People come from all over the world to run this race.  It’s crazy to think that in our little corner of the world we pull that kind of following.  I’m sure it’s because of Whiskey Hill and the other rolling hills on the course.  According to the website they are in the process of getting the course certified according to  USA Track & Field.  That’s pretty cool!

The only draw back to today’s run is I’m experiencing some hip pain on my right side.  I have an appointment to get adjusted from head to toe on Wednesday from Dr. Kelly.  She’s an amazing chiropractor.  Not to mention her massage therapists are miracle workers, it seems!  She and her staff HOOKED ME UP before my first half marathon last spring and I absolutely contribute part of my success to their services.  Anyway, I took Ibuprofen and slathered on Icy Hot (because we just moved and my BioFreeze is MIA) but still the pain continues.  Hopefully she can get me back on track because there’s no way I’m running on it until after my appointment.  Walking around my home to unpack is enough for me right now.

I’d be happy to share with you what else I did today, but this post is getting a little long.  Check out my other write up on Grace and Banana Bread for more Andrea adventures!



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