“The Iron Nun” and a little humor

I was going through the comments and new followers for this landing spot on the web and came across a person with the handle “HemingwayRun.”  I scooted over there to check out what he was up to and am delighted at what I found there.  This blogger writes very well and keeps a reader entertained by little bits of humor throughout.  I am almost certain he is one of those people who, in person, just rattles these things off without meaning to be funny but everyone around him is probably in stitches…constantly.

Header from Hemingway, Run!’s blog. http://www.hemingwayrun.wordpress.com. He’s a “Featured on Freshly Pressed” blogger, too!

Anyway, I read several of his posts but my favorite one was entitled “Amazing People.”  If you are a runner or an athlete at all, please take a second to go read this post.  I am always on the look out for motivation and inspiration to keep up my training.  I absolutely found a new dos of both of those there.  I learned about a woman by the name of Sister Madonna Buder.  She began training at the age of 48 after hearing the Father of her Roman Catholic church during mass talk about the benefits of distance running.  Now, 30 years later she says she isn’t sure she has figured out what the “runner’s high” is but she sure knows what a runner’s low is.  Ha! Isn’t that the truth!

Anyway, I am grateful and thank God for great writers, great people, and amazing inspiration and motivation.  If you know of any other people I should be researching along these lines, please feel free to comment below.


PS: I think I might take the challenge of running 2014 miles next year.  Shew…that’s a bunch of miles but, God willing I will be able to see it through.  What a great idea.  I wonder where he got the idea to do that…


2 thoughts on ““The Iron Nun” and a little humor

    • As much as a shames as that is, I’m sure your next post will not upset the mass of people following you. Your writing style is so much fun to read!

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