What Gets You Motivated?

I literally have this thought go through my head most days that I run.

I literally have this thought go through my head most days that I run.

This meme is from a page I follow on facebook.  The day I saw this, I shared it to my SeriouslyOutnumbered facebook page and to my personal page.  It so beautifully put into words what goes through my head each time I run.  I don’t think a run goes by that I don’t think it because I’m in pain or have to tell myself to slow down because my body is naturally wired to live this quote out.  It’s in my muscle memory.

My run last Wednesday took me by complete surprise.  I had a small surgery after the Rock N Roll Half Marathon I did in April.  Right after the anesthesia wore off,  I noticed something wasn’t right.  I was tired, in pain and very uncomfortable at the surgery site.  Having never had an outpatient surgery I figured I just needed to take some Motrin and move on.  Come to find out a few days later, I have developed staph infection at the surgery site.  It took me a good two weeks to recover from that ordeal so needless to say I wasn’t running during all of that mess.  Shortly thereafter, I counted up my mileage on my shoes and realized they were maxed out.  Typically a distance runner should not put more than 200-300 miles on her shoes before she seeks out a new pair.  Since I had planned to do two more half marathons in the fall, I didn’t want to chance injuring myself so I took more time off until I could replace them with new ones.  Long story short, July 11th was only the fourth time I had run since my race in April.  OUCH!  That’s not a good training method, I’ll be the first to admit.

When I crossed the finish line in Nashville at the Rock N Roll Marathon, my average pace was a little over 10 minutes.  It was raining, cold and just down right miserable that day.  For some reason I thrive in crappy running conditions and always have.  Weird.  Anyway when I went out last week it was super hot, humid and not so enjoyable.  I had planned to run five miles with hills and flats and I accomplished that.  Everything went as planned until I looked at my average pace when I got back home.  8:35 average! Whoa!  I wasn’t expecting that!  Granted, 5.25 miles is much different than 13.1 but it’s still quicker than I have ever done a consecutive 5.25 before by a long shot!  Woot woot!

That gave me all the motivation I needed to continue my training for the Women’s Half Marathon to be held in Nashville in September.  I had seriously considered backing out because of the lack of training over the previous months but I believe my body will know what to do.  I will just keep training from here on out and I’m sure everything will be just fine.  I finished my last half in two hours  and ten minutes.  This September I hope to finish under two hours.  If I can do that I will be super stoked.

I got to see this after my workout, too!  That's a visual reminder of what I'm working toward.

I got to see this after my workout, too! That’s a visual reminder of what I’m working toward.

I have another half just three weeks after that and I hope to PR even bigger with one hour 45 minutes. They say the Middle Half Marathon (which sold out all 3k tickets in just 11 minutes 15 seconds this year)  is very quick because there aren’t any hills on the course.  Considering my dad may be flying in to watch that race, I’d really like to be able to do well.

When you are working toward a goal, what motivates you?  What do you do to keep your nose to the grind stone?



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