Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

For the past three years, I have waited for today to come.  Blessed is described as “blissfully happy or contented” and “divinely or supremely favored; fortunate” on dictionary.com and I would definitely agree wholeheartedly that I am just that.

Painting Jackson completed for last year's school room.

Painting Jackson completed for last year’s school room.

As a mother, I have always wanted the very best for my kids, all three of them, as most mothers do.  I have always felt like I wanted my children to be home with me.  I can recall the night before I went back to work after giving birth to my very first child.  I sobbed with my entire body because I didn’t want to have to put him in someone else’s care even for 5 minutes.  I didn’t want to have to leave him for longer than the time it took to put in a load of laundry and here I was, taking him to a complete stranger for the better part of the day!  Then came the first day of Kindergarten.  At that time I was a working mother.  I told my boss I’d be in a little late that day so I could walk him into his classroom and get him settled in but I knew at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be there.  I knew that his babysitter at the time would show up in a big van with 8 other kids already buckled up and he’d have to take the last seat available.  He’d then ride home and take a nap.  The worst part?  I’d have to rely on his 5 year old memory to tell me all about his day, all about his teacher, his new friends and the details of every part of his classes.  I was so heavyhearted even though Mrs. Elliott was a fantastic teacher and I knew he’d be in good hands.

Fast forward to his second grade year.  You can read all about that year HERE. From the first day of second semester through the end of the year (and longer truth be told) I grieved at the loss of my dream to be able to have my kiddos at my side, even through educational years.  If you have been following along my journey lately you know that I have been getting a few things around the house ready for my husband and I to have a sit down meeting to discuss the possibility of trying home education again.  At that informal meeting he voiced his concern with a few things and gave me a few tasks to do in order to show that this was a good idea for where our family is and for our children.  I created a tentative daily schedule to prove that I could indeed blend my in-home childcare, household duties and schooling.  Today I had a friend over to help me organize my home so that daily duties would be more streamlined and efficient.  I wish I had taken before and after photos but I simply didn’t think about it as I was super overwhelmed at the task at hand.  We were able to get my craft area and front closet knocked out.  Now all I have left to do is the master bedroom, the childcare playroom and the upstairs room (proposed school room).

I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things this evening and while I was there I thought about picking up school supplies that I would need for either home education or public schooling.  I went ahead and asked my husband if hwould trust me with the kids school.  He responded that he didn’t know what I meant.  I replied that I hope that he would take a leap of faith and trust me with the kids’ education.  He responded, ” Ok. :)”  I felt like I would nearly fall over!!  Did I really just get the official green light to precede?  Did I really get the message clearly??  HOLY SMOKES! I did!!

Today is my stepmom’s birthday as well.  I told her, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  She made a good point…every day is the first day of the rest of your life, but I really feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life as well.  A clean line in the sand.  From public school to home education.   After a hard working day, this is the best possible ending.

Thank you to those who have prayed through the years for us.  Thanks for everyone who support us.  I appreciate everything each of you have given, allowed me to borrow and the time spent with me in preparation for this day.



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