Has she lost her mind?

It’s possible! I will just go ahead and answer that now! Some would say I’m only half crazy but I will get to that in a little bit!

My name is Andrea and I am the married mother of three boys ranging in ages of 2-10. All of them were created so differently in personality yet all all look the same. Their father couldn’t deny them if he tried! I joke frequently that I was only the incubator…they don’t favor me much at all (except for the blue eyes). Their father, Josh and I will be celebrating 11 years of marriage next month. We met in the early years of high school though through unconventional means (at the time) – online. We “dated” through high school and then after I graduated, I flew to where he lived at the time to meet him for the first time in person, one year to the day later, we were married!

Since I have taken you back to my high school days, I think it would be appropriate to explain a little about where I came from. My sister always ran when I was little. I used to watch her leave with her headphones in and I would wonder where she would go, how far she would go, what she listened to during her run, what she would think about. I would stand in awe of her ability to go for what seemed forever without stopping. There are many things about her that amaze me about her still to this day. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I contacted the cross country coach for information on how things worked and equipment I’d need to participate. Much to my surprise I had to report at 7am every week day during the summer for conditioning before the season even started. Wow! The first day we ran 8 miles and I was HOOKED! Even though I could barely get out of bed to walk to practice the next day…I was hooked. Two months ago I finished my first half marathon and have gotten bit by the race bug again. At check in the night before the race, there was a vendor expo which was fun to walk around and see what they offered for the sport. At one booth they had headbands with quirky sayings on them, one of which I whipped out my phone to take a picture of and send to my cyclist friend who does Century races (equivilant to a runner’s full marathon). It read,”13.1 Because I’m only half crazy!” And so it is, I can’t claim full insanity, only half! Hopefully next year, I can earn the “crazy” status because I plan to run the full marathon at some point in 2014. Just this past weekend, I purchased my new shoes! I am very excited. A friend of mine has described them as shoes that Laffy Taffy threw up on…what does he know? I think they rock!

Another reason people may question my stability is because I have a DEEP desire to unclinch the fingers called the public school system from my children’s neck. I have wanted to do this for several years. When my oldest son was going into 2nd grade, I got my wish. After our first semester, Josh felt it would be best to send him back to the area grade school since I had many many responsibilities on my plate: home education, childcare and I was pregnant with our 3rd baby. From the first day of second semester to the present, I have been broken-hearted at the thought of not having them home. It has been my prayer to be blessed with another opportunity to have them in home education once again. After much prayer and consideration, my husband have decided to bring the education of our children back to the table to discuss. I have several items to research, obstacles to find possible solutions to and points to consider before Josh makes his final decision. Any help on the following would be greatly appreciated (especially if you have home education in your past):

1. I will still run my in-home childcare with 2-3 children visiting on a regular basis. What is the best way to juggle both of these responsibilities?

2. I need to find additional ways to bring in financial means to pay for several things that aren’t currently in our budget:

– WiFi
– another laptop
– curriculum and teaching aids

Another question: Do you use a separate school area than your living areas? I have a couple of options for a school room but am unsure which option is best. If you could have things your way, would you do school in a common area like the kitchen/living room or would you organize a school room. I realize studies won’t all be done exclusively in the room, btw.

I would appreciate it if a few people to show me what their average school day looks like from wake up to end of school. If you have experience doing childcare in the middle of HS, let me know that as well.

Thanks in advance to all of you who leave comments with helpful advice. We are all at one point or another of the learning curve called life. I look forward to getting to you other women who share in similar life experiences be it running, being a mom or being the teacher in your home education establishment.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, the name of my blog comes from my current living situation…3 boys, a husband, male Great Dane…I am SERIOUSLY outnumbered in my home!


6 thoughts on “Has she lost her mind?

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    • Thank you for your comment! I am really excited to have gotten my shoes. With less than 70 days left before my next half marathon, I should probably be putting more miles on them than I am right now. I am really excited about it.

      As far as homeschooling my children, it has been years of prayer that made it even remotely possible. It’s been a long, hard, emotional journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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