“Be sure to socialize them or the will turn out really weird…”

*Palm to forehead*

Seriously, if I hear that from one more well intentioned person I think I might just puke.  Honestly.  Do people think we wake up in the morning saying,” How can I make my child odd and unapproachable.  I think I’ll homeschool!  YES!  That’s the PERFECT solution….”  Yes, there are the exceptions to the rules.  There are some WEIRD homeschool families.  But you know what?  If those same kids were in the public school system, they would still be weird.  So why is it that those few select individuals become the standard for all home educated kids?  It’s amazing to me.

Check out this video by Blimey Cow.  If you’ve been in the home education scene for long you’ve probably seen it but it’s hysterical and a go to for me when I need a pick me up.  Lord willing, we, too will be among the “weird and unsocialized” this fall!


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